“A master teacher of the Alexander Technique, Meade Andrews is professional, com- passionate, knowledgeable about the body, and explains the work in a simple, yet poetic manner. My lessons with Meade have helped me become kinesthetically aware, and have taught me how to recognize my mental and physical habits. Meade is patient, and intuitively knows what a student needs at any given time. She has taught master classes for my voice students, and I have seen her free a voice in a matter of minutes!”
– Susan Dorchin, Voice Teacher, Music Department, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton

Meade Andrews, Alexander TechniqueMeade Andrews is an internationally recognized senior teacher of the Alexander Technique. She currently maintains a private practice in the Princeton, NJ area teaching people in all walks of life, including computer workers, teachers, and business professionals.

For 12 years she taught theatre, dance and the Alexander Technique at Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. She continue to offer classes and workshops at Westminster Choir College. Former director of the Dance Program at American University, Meade continues to teach workshops at the Studio Theatre in Washington, DC, her professional base for 20 years. She has also served as an acting teacher, and acting coach for over 30 theatrical productions.

Meade has traveled extensively throughout the US and abroad (Japan, Germany, Australia, Spain), introducing the Alexander Technique to groups of students, teachers, and professionals in the performing arts. Simultaneously she has maintained a private teaching practice in the Alexander Technique.

Additionally, Meade has completed two courses of training in New York City: The Alexander Technique and the Art of Breathing with Jessica Wolf, and Alexander Teacher Refresher Courses with John Nicholls.

In 2020 she co-authored with Jana Tift Your Body Knows: A Movement Guide for Actors.

“Meade Andrews has been my teacher for many years. Our work together in the Alexander Technique grew into an educational partnership, and an exploration of the physical aspects of the moving human body – mostly mine. Meade has a wonderful understanding of movement and the dynamic interactions of muscle and bone that allow motion. She patiently works to unravel the ravages caused, in me, by many years of lab work, writing at computer, raising a family, and playing golf. She has a wonderful way of identifying a place in the body that when released allows the rest of the body to recover. I have worked with many excellent Alexander teachers over the years. Meade is outstanding amongst her peers. I highly recommend her.”
– Jean E. Sealey D.Sc., Professor Emiritus of Medicine in Physiology and Biophysics,
Weill Medical College of Cornell University


  • Parkinson’s Disease support groups, symposiums, and individual sessions. Also: Fibromyalgia, MS, TMJ, neck and back pain.
  • Performing Arts workshops for dancers, singers, and actors, ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals, such as:
    • Lynn University Music Conservatory, 2010.
    • YoungArts, a national organization supporting the development of young artists in the fields of dance, theatre, and voice, 2008-11.
  • The Art of Group Teaching: Workshops for Alexander Technique teachers and trainees in the presentation of the Alexander Technique in a group setting. Past workshops include:
    • American Center for the Alexander Technique: 2010.
    • Philadelphia AT Training School for Teachers: 2010.
    • Toronto, Canada, AT Training School for Teachers: 2009.
    • Lead Presenter, Alexander Technique International Congresses: Oxford, England (2004), Lugano, Switzerland (2008), and Limerick, Ireland (2015), Chicago (2018).
  • Residential Alexander Technique Courses: 5-day workshops which are open to participants at all levels of learning, from beginners to teacher trainees and teachers.
  • South Florida Workshop for the Alexander Technique: This workshop, was offered each year in February, is a 5-day residential course open to teachers, trainees, and advanced students of the work.
  • Alexander Technique at Sevenoaks: This workshop, offered each year in June, takes place in the mountains of Virginia, 2 hours south of Washington, DC, and is open to teachers, trainees, and students at all levels of Alexander study. Visit TheVillageGreen.net for more information.
  • Alexander Technique Workshops International: A series of residential courses, taking place each year at Sweet Briar College (two and ½ hours south of Washington, DC), Malibu, California, and Tuscany, Italy. Visit www.alexandertechniqueworkshops.com for more information.

For information on Meade’s upcoming teaching engagements, visit the Workshops page.